UNTETHER.talks Mobile Summit

Welcome to the digital version of UNTETHER.talks – our 2-day conference that took a deep dive into the impact that mobile will be having on the way we live and do business. This is a selection of the content that was presented at the event itself and available for viewing if you attended or purchased a ticket to the conference.

If you did not purchase a ticket, you may still gain access to the content by purchasing the digital version below. Included in the package are the 10 keynotes you see below plus 4 Q&A / panel sessions in full HD quality video or audio.

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Amber Mac

The Smartphone Network: 10 innovative ways the second screen is shaping the future of social

In this talk, Amber will take the audience on a journey into how the mobile phone and tablets are disrupting the traditional social network. While the early days of online communities saw members tethered to desks, this new generation is untethered, connected everywhere they go 24-7. The biggest challenge this presents to businesses is understanding how to reach out to these users and how to stay on top of where they’re going social next. As an observer and early adopter in this space, Amber will present key insights into how these latest mobile trends are redefining Zuckerberg’s social network and shaping a much more personal smartphone network with no signs of slowing down.

w/ Special Q&A

Damien Patton | CEO Banjo

Location: The Holy Grail of Relationships

The promise of mobile is contextual serendipity through the intersection of local and social. Banjo CEO Damien Patton explains how location is adding new layers of relevance that will forever change the way we connect with people, brands, and the world around us.

w/ Panel Discussion

Damien Patton – CEO, Banjo
Robert Balahura – Co-Founder, B’Giftee/Motek Mobile
Janice Diner – Founder, Horizon Studios

Moderator: Douglas Soltys

Asif Khan | Founder The LBMA

The Death of GEO

With millions of users and many more check-ins, location based marketing is upon us, but is that the best we can do? Location Based Marketing Association Founder, Asif R. Khan, will take us through the death of the check-in, and explore the emergence of a world where every person, place and thing will will be united by the power of geo, presenting advertisers new ways to engage consumers.

w/ Panel Discussion

Asif Khan – Founder, LBMA
Dave Fleet – VP Digital, Edelman
John McCauley – Senior Director, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

Moderator: Rob Woodbridge

Kevin Foreman | VP INRIX

Big Data, Small Screen: Location-Based Services 2.0

The first computers were the size of a room, required the power of several PCs, and held only a fraction of the data that we can now access from our pocket-sized mobile devices.  In the intervening years, computers have grown ever smaller, while our thirst for more relevant information, faster, has only increased.  Where once it was unfathomable that any one machine could hold billions of points of data, today it can literally fit in the palm of your hand, personalized exactly for you—and capacity is only increasing.  Smartphones and tablets have enabled us to step away from the computer and take huge amounts of data wherever we go: big data on some of the world’s smallest screens.  Today, we can access robust information whenever we want it, and we can do it at impressive speeds. 

One of the most impressive examples of this comes in the form of location-based services.  Map and navigation apps on your phone can show you almost exactly where you are, with sufficient detail to help you locate nearby dining options, public transit directions, and more.  Leading traffic intelligence platform INRIX crowd-sources data from the world’s largest driving community of 100 million drivers to deliver real-time traffic insights and traffic forecasts that help consumers never be late, saving them valuable time and money on fuel in the process.   Kevin Foreman, VP of Mobile Applications at INRIX, will share important insights on how mobile devices have made big data more portable, and how big data has increasingly taken location-based services to the next level, making them more precise and therefore more useful to consumers.

Doug Stephens | RetailProphet

Mobile Retail: The Destination is You

Since the time of the Roman Empire, retail has been synonymous with destinations. Whether a small shop, department store, big box outlet or even a URL, shopping through the ages has been about us, as consumers, going somewhere to get something. Thanks to technology, our concept of “destination” is being forever eradicated. Increasingly, it will be the products and services themselves that seek us out in a contextual and synchronous way.

All this will present unique and historic challenges and opportunities to brands and retailers seeking to connect with consumers along their path to purchase.

The Destination is You examines the historic relationship between shopping and destination. It provides clear examples of the mobile technologies that are forever shifting its definition and the unprecedented opportunities this will present for retailers to reinvent the strategic value of their stores – both on and offline.

w/ Panel Discussion

Doug Stephens – Founder, Retail Prophet
Kevin Lister – CEO, Moxery
Adam Cooper – Mobile Team Lead, Canadian Tire

Moderator: Melody Adhami – President, Plastic Mobile

Rick Segal | CEO FIXMO

Delusional Sex: The Lies Told In VC/Entrepreneur Trysts

If you’ve ever seen one of those bad B movies where the ‘working girl’ cozies up to the sailor with “Hey, sailor, I show you a good time, love you forever”, you have seen the VC/Entrepreneur tryst in action. Fee negotiation, ego stroking, lots of make up and gut sucking to look good – are all part of the delusion cloaks this often mis-understand relationship. Rick has sat on both sides of the table (or each side of the bed!) and will walk you through exactly what “me love you long time” is code for.

Yasser Ansari | Project NOAH

Smarter Mobs: Place-Based Learning, Human Sensors, and the Rise of Citizen Science

We’ve entered an exciting new era of science where the masses can participate in cutting edge research through actual data collection, analysis or direct financial support. Just as our old media gatekeepers had the rug pulled out from underneath them, we’re seeing the first cracks in science’s ivory tower. The push for open access to scientific journals, the rise of citizen science, and the proliferation of place-based learning are all contributing to the “mass amateurization” of science and collectively ushering in a new age of scientific collaboration and investigation. Equal parts exciting and scary, in the next 50 years we could witness more scientific and technological breakthroughs than in our entire human history, or, you know, annihilate our planet and all the life it supports.

whurley | GM Chaotic Moon Labs

Cool Sh*t You Can Do with Mobile

We weren’t sure what we’d get from whurley but we knew it would be something spectacular and unique – he did not disappoint. In the most unique and engaging keynote from the conference, whurley crowdsourced the content and then presented it in a coherent, entertaining and hilarious way.

Kunal Gupta | CEO Polar Mobile

Surviving the Post-PC Media Landscape

Many traditional media companies were late investing to service the shift in their audiences from print to the desktop web. How many are prepared for the current audience shift to social networks, smartphones, and tablets? How many are aware of the differences in behaviour and technology need to service a world of connected devices?

To survive, every media company will need a strategy to keep up with the emerging patterns of a Post-PC media world. In this talk, data and insights from across the media industry will be shared to guide publishers on what they can do today to future-proof their digital media business.

Gary Schwartz | CEO Impact Mobile

Fast Shopper. Slow Store.

The digital world is changing the way consumers view and participate in the shopping experience. As mobile technology becomes part of their everyday lives, shoppers expect to be able to use their smartphones to research and review products, and complete in-store purchases. To compete today, retailers must refocus their strategies, including adding digital spend to their ad budget, providing store associates with mobile devices and personalizing promotional messages. Join Gary Schwartz of Impact Mobile in this session to learn about how brands including Hot Topic, Estee Lauder and Coca-Cola are increasing conversion by engaging shoppers across channels.

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