Enabling mobile commerce

It seems like just a short time ago the discussions were focused on the business model of online purchases and whether or not companies could build viable extensions to their businesses online and what new business models would emerge as a result of this push.

Today, the same conversation is happening but around mobile. And what took 10 years to build online, will take one year to replicate in the mobile world.

There are currently a number of business models focused on generating revenue in mobile:

  1. Selling applications via websites and platform app stores (such as the Apple AppStore or RIM’s AppWorld). This is the most common focus for revenue generation: Build an app and people will come. See this page for examples.
  2. Selling from within the application or mobile website. This is a natural extension of what we already do on the web. Selling product and/or virtual goods on a mobile device is the next hurdle many companies will face.

Charging for product on-device is the next frontier in mobile and there isn’t a company today who sells products and services online that shouldn’t be seriously investigating the ability to sell via an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile device.

Some examples

  • Selling digital goods (music, movies) in real-time.
  • Selling event tickets such as concert or sporting tickets
  • Booking hotel or airline reservations
  • Integrating virtual goods into mobile applications and charging on device

Some great resources for you to start

  1. What’s the secret to mobile commerce? Frictionless transactions according to Billing Revolution CEO Andy Kleitsch
  2. Spotlight on M-Commerce: MobileFirst CEO Kevin Spector talks mobile payments
  3. How ShopSavvy enables mobile commerce
  4. Is mobile a brand killer? The future of pricing in a mobile world
  5. How Blue Shoe Mobile enables take out food ordering from your smartphone
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