Channels to market in mobile

What exactly is mobile marketing?

So many companies are trying to figure out what mobile marketing is and how to apply it to their business. You could be a mobile application developer and need help creating awareness or a traditional company trying to leverage existing mobile channels to broaden awareness. Broadly speaking, mobile marketing can be applicable to every company wanting another touch point with their customer base.

Some clear examples of leaders in mobile marketing:

  • Banks extending their web applications to mobile devices to allow consumers to manage their accounts
  • Airlines allowing users to check in and reserve seats from their mobile
  • Bricks and mortar companies using mobile coupons and location-aware applications to push product
  • Companies leveraging targeted mobile advertising services

Why should you care?

Mobile is where the web was 10 years ago and now the web is an integral, almost necessary part of our business and private lives. Mobile is heading in that direction as we speak and will take far less time to make a huge impact. The adoption of mobile devices — smartphones such as the iPhone or BlackBerry as well as feature phones — is the driving factor and convenience is forcing companies to move much faster to extend their businesses to mobile.

How can you learn?

I’ve interviewed some of the most innovative minds when it comes to brand building, business extending and business model disrupting companies in mobile:

  1. How Gowalla helped marketing the New Jersey Nets
  2. How YOWZA! brought coupon distribution to the masses (and made it cheap!)
  3. How ShopSavvy is democratizing pricing via smartphones
  4. How Adenyo is building a marketing system to help companies create awareness on the mobile
  5. How the New York Times extended their crossword domination to mobile devices
  6. How #TAXI leveraged MADD for marketing dollars

There is no doubt that this is a land grab right now but understanding what’s going on is necessary or you will get left behind.

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