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Welcome to episode #266. On the show: The first beacon’d city; Crowdsourcing maps from driving your Toyota; Does it seem like Jameson’s is following you? They are; Adored loved to the tuned of $2.3 million; Fleetzen’s on-demand fleet of pick-up trucks; ShopperTrack acquired by Tyco; Starbucks teams with Alibaba; Twitter lets you control drones; LinkNYC wifi payphone are HERE!; P&G testing Snapchat ads in Ulta stores. Two resources for you today: Swirl’s report on the state of store personalization and Samsung’s white paper on how the Internet of Things will transform business.

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 266

Recorded: January 4, 2015
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

sponsored by Samsung
1. Columbus, OH to deploy beacons throughout the city 8:00
2. Toyota to demo map crowdsourcing from cars at CES 11:25
3. Jameson’s uses Locomizer to enable hyper targeted campaign 13:46
4. Boston beacon start-up Adored raises $2.3M 20:40
5. Seattle start-up Fleetzen – Uberlike services for people with pick-up trucks, vans 22:50

Samsung Resource: How the Internet of Things will transform business 26:29

Member News

1. ShopperTrak acquired by Tyco 28:45
2. Starbucks teams up with Alibaba 30:32
3. Twitter patents a drone controlled by tweets 31:35
4. LinkNYC wifi payphone are finally being installed 33:56
5. P&G testing Snapchat ads in Ulta stores 35:48

Resource: Swirl Finds Shoppers’ Pleas For Store Personalization Remain Unanswered 39:36

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