Why the smart watch is the remote control for our lives – with Brent Hieggelke of Urban Airship

Brent Hieggelke Urban Airship


There is a constant conversation and polarizing debate about the need and impact of wearable technology. Some proselytizing their ability to regain our humanity (seriously) while others eschew their usefulness – certainly of no value to businesses. While the debate rages on you know the reality will land somewhere between the impact of the smartphone and the tablet – that is to say a revolution of magnitudes we haven’t quite grasped yet. Apple did sell 1 million watches in 24 hours…

I think the challenge we are all facing – which is the same thing we faced with smartphones as North America transitioned from a big stationary screen to smaller portable ones – is how do these things fit into our world. Is it a smaller version of something I already carry or is it something completely different that will change the way we interact, consume content, pay for things etc. My first belief is that there are few monumental shifts in a lifetime and this, the wearable one, will be the third I’ve witnessed (behind the web and mobile).

Joining me to discuss these issues in depth is Brent Hieggelke, Chief Mobile Evangelist for Urban Airship. Brent has an incredible perception of how the wearable world will shake out as a result of the Applewatch and other wrist apparel. We dive into the new world of “unadvertising”, whether or not brands really “get” what is going on, how the notification is becoming the predominant relationship builder in mobile and the concept that the watch will become the remote control for our lives.

Big topic. Big conversation. Suit up, it’s time to get smart.



Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is Urban Airship? 2:00
2. The evolution of the mobile ecosystem = notifications 5:00
3. The era of “unadvertising” is upon us 9:45
4. Do brands “get” this new era of marketing? 10:45
5. The Starbucks example 14:40
6. Is the next operating system called notifications? 19:20
7. The watch as the remote control for your life 23:45
8. Will the “app economy” translate to wearables? 28:35
9. My Pebble experience that convinced others to buy a connected watch 32:25
10. Is the watch about notifications or functions? 34:35
11. How should companies approach the watch for their business? 36:40
12. How does the watch change the way we communicate? 42:10


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About Brent Hieggelke
Brent Hieggelke Urban AirshipBrent Hieggelke is the chief mobile evangelist for Urban Airship and is responsible for uncovering and inspiring innovation with customers, app development and agency partners, mobile platform providers and the industry-at-large.

Before Urban Airship, Brent spent more than a decade helping brands optimize digital marketing initiatives in Marketing Executive positions at WebTrends, TouchClarity and Omniture. Most recently, Brent founded and launched Second Porch, the first Facebook-integrated social vacation rental site that was sold to HomeAway, Inc. in May 2011. Early in his career, Brent also co-founded New City, a media company in Chicago.

Brent has been awarded multiple marketing awards, and is a frequent speaker at both marketing and digital conferences. He is a member of the Mobile Marketing Association’s North America board and the International Executive Council of the Internet Marketing Association.

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