Senior Twitter software engineer Nolan O’Brien on being a Canadian in the Bay


Canadians are everywhere. It’s true. We’ve run the International Space Station, we’ve won gold medals, play on most NHL hockey teams, have a strong contingent of all-star baseball players, are revered around the globe and today’s guest is Nolan O’Brien, a senior software engineer at Twitter.

Nolan – originally from Red Deer Alberta – left Canada when he was in high school and found engineering as a vocation. With stints at Cisco, Zappos and now Twitter, his perspective on finding software employment in the United States as a Canadian is very insightful. He is still a Canadian citizen, raising his kids as Canadians, working at one of the most influential communications companies on the planet – after leaving one of the most inspiring retailers on the planet…there is lots to learn here.



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About Nolan O’Brien
Patrick Pichette GoogleCanadian software engineer working for Twitter. Formerly at Cisco and Zappos.

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