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Podcast: This Week in Location Based Marketing #240: The Summer Show. Link

Podcast: Mobile Commerce Minute #522 – The OTHER 10 smartphone sensors you aren’t using. Link

Trending: How to use deep linking to grow your mobile user base – with Branch’s Alex Austin. Link


There has been a serious re-focus on person-to-person payments. This isn’t new as PayPal and Venmo (among others) have been here for many years but recent announcements by Facebook (link) and Apple (link) have brought this back into the forefront. Even PayPal is getting getting back to their roots (link). Speaking of payments quickly, there is a growing trend to pay with your face – I like the idea of tapping your face to pay but apparently MasterCard and Alibaba prefer the less harmful “facial recognition” way. We’ll see who wins…(link)


Here are 15 mobile growth hacks that will help improve the mobile user experience. What you’ll notice when you go through them is that they are simple, subtle and effective when done right – like most growth hacks. My favourite? WHEN and HOW to ask for a review – so many get this so very wrong. (link)


This report by Kahuna is a simple but effective look at mobile engagement and retention rates based on data from 39 million mobile customers. There are some great charts on opt-in rates based on mobile OS, retention rates based on industry and what the impact is of doing 30, 60 and 90 day message pushes. If retail is about location, mobile is about retention. (link)

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