Is the heart of the mobile app economy still beating – with Pollen founder Martin Macmillan

Martin MacMillan Pollen VC


The app stores are littered with the broken dreams of thousands of entrepreneurs from around the planet. The early days brought such incredible opportunity to those with foresight and coding abilities – get a game into market and the magic of the devices will do the selling. Unfortunately, for the most part, those days are gone for good (perhaps to emerge again with wearables?). This doesn’t mean that the entire app economy is in a tailspin – in fact, the spoils are greater now and getting bigger all the time.

Martin Macmillan’s company, Pollen, has a unique vantage point on what is happening in the early stages of the mobile app world. Pollen helps bring earned revenue forward from the app stores in order to help fill what he calls the funding gap – that spot between earning a dollar from an app and getting paid. This funding gap kills momentum and kills companies.

This episode takes a look at some of the mobile app trends he is seeing from around the world, dips into the disconnect between the old and new world of funding (and why legacy investment models don’t work in this new economy) and attacks a question on a lot of app developer’s minds: Are mobile gaming companies still good venture investments.



Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. Pollen update – the last 6 months 2:00
2. Filling the funding gap 6:20
3. 85% of revenue drops off within 60 days from App Store featured apps 8:00
4. Do smaller companies have a chance to get up the app charts today? 9:30
5. Is the heart of the app economy still beating? 15:30
6. Is there opportunity for app discovery companies? 18:30
7. Why doesn’t the traditional banking system work in this new mobile app economy? 21:00
8. What is your global perspective of app funding from around the world? 23:35
9. Are you seeing innovative user acquisition strategies today? 28:30
10. Are mobile gaming companies still a good venture investment? 29:40


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About Martin Macmillan
Martin Macmillan Pollen VCMartin has 20 years’ experience in launching and building technology businesses in FinTech, music and media sectors, and a prior career in Investment banking as a bond trader.

Having experienced first-hand the growth challenges facing tech start-ups and the lack of financing options open to developers, he saw the opportunity to marry his traditional financial markets and technology experience to create a disruptive new business model for the digital industry.

Prior to Pollen, Martin was CEO at Soniqplay, CEO at Level Four (acquired by clear2pay) and a Director of UBS in London, where he ran the short term credit trading group and conceived and delivered UBS’ first client-facing electronic debt trading platform.

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