How beacons are becoming the glue that binds the physical and digital world – with Gimbal COO Kevin Hunter



From nowhere to inside every Apple store in the United States, most Major League Baseball stadiums and even a part of the past 3 Super Bowls. That’s just a sampling of where you will find the technology of the company featured in this episode. The company is Gimbal – makers of an in-real-life engagement platform that features some of the leading beacon technology in the industry.

Beacons have been referenced on a scale from “huge consumer distraction” to “the saviour of retail” and everything in between and the goal of this episode is to break through to the real impact that beacons will have on the act of marketing.

Kevin Hunter is the Chief Operating Officer of Gimbal and he joins us to talk about the beacon industry, the marketing shift it has started and the future of marketing and business as a result of beacons.


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is Gimbal? 3:20
2. What makes Gimbal different from everyone else? 5:00
3. How did the relationship with Apple happen? 8:00
4. How did you get to become COO of Gimbal? 9:55
5. How different is the company outside of Qualcomm versus inside? 13:55
6. Why spin it out of Qualcomm 14:30
7. What did Gimbal do with the SuperBowl? 15:45
8. Are beacons about data collection or engagement? 17:50
9. How long should companies listen before using beacons to engage with customers? 19:30
10. Are we already beyond the beacon? 22:00
11. What is the state of beacons today? 22:40
12. Do brands REALLY understand the impact that beacons will have on marketing? 26:00
13. Where are beacons heading: The future looks like… 35:40
14. Are beacons a hard sell? 42:25
15. Is there any reason companies shouldn’t be exploring beacons today? 44:20


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About Kevin Hunter
Kevin Hunter GimbalKevin Hunter is COO of Gimbal and is responsible for the daily operation of Gimbal and oversight of product management.

Previously, Kevin ran product management for the Gimbal platform at Qualcomm Retail Solutions, and prior to the formation of that unit, oversaw product development work in mobile proximity with Qualcomm Labs.

Kevin spent more than six years at Sprint as senior manager of device development and realization, responsible for the software in consumer devices. He was also the principal product engineer for Sprint TV, which in 2005 was awarded an Emmy® Engineering Award for Innovations in Mobile Television. Before Sprint, Kevin founded an IT consulting company for homes and small- and medium-sized offices using Linux-based routers.

Kevin holds more than 15 patents and studied computer science at the University of Kansas.

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