Do NOT litter in Hong Kong + Andrew Farah of Density

Welcome to episode #232. On the show: Don’t EVER litter in Hong Kong; Samsung in Italy uses VR to transport sick kids to Movieland; ByteLyte acquired by Acuity Brands; the city of Jun does all its business on Twitter – all of it; Signpost and Unacast raise money; GBG acquires Loqate; David Chang’s Maple foods; Westfield launches their own OOH network in their Australian malls; Pepsi’s innovative Naked Juice bike path marketing. Special guest is Andrew Farah of Density

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 231

Recorded: May 3, 2015
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

1. Hong Kong – Face of Litter campaign 7:25
2. Samsung Italia – eMotion – Movieland experience 14:15
3. Bytelight acquired by Acuity Brands 16:15
4. Jun – A town that runs on social media 19:25
5. GreenRush – “Grubhub for cannibis” 25:25
6. Signpost raises $20.5M / Unacast raises $1.6M / GBG acquires Loqate 27:15
7. Transavia France – #snackholidays 30:00
8. David Chang’s – Maple 34:35
9. Westfield launches OOH network in Australia 38:55
10. Pepsi’s Naked Juice – bike path marketing 45:05

Special guest: Andrew Farah of Density 50:30

Top Story: Personalization of targeted ads – based on data + location + context. For good or evil. 57:45

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