How Twilio helps grow an ecosystem of billion dollar companies – with CMO Lynda Smith


We are entering the world of notifications. In fact, we should start considering notifications as an independent operating system that is layered on top of all other operating systems, right underneath the connectivity layer of what makes up the Internet itself. At the core of this No/s is communications – something that is an essential part of an effective mobile strategy as well – and right there in the middle of this communications revolution is a familiar infrastructure as a service company called Twilio.

Lynda Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Twilio, joins us to talk about what makes this company an important piece of the mobile service puzzle. It is a timely episode as SmartThings – a company that leverages Twilio’s services was just acquired for $200 million by Samsung.



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1. What is Twilio 2:12
2. How does Twilio succeed? 6:00
3. The 9 core values of Twilio 11:00
4. How can Twilio remain humble and market effectively? 13:15
5. How is communications changing? 17:00
6. Is there frustration that other companies using Twilio make more money than Twilio? 19:25
7. Do your employees leave to start companies because they see others succeed? 22:50
8. How do you see the communications operating system of the future? 26:30
9. How do your customers influence the direction of the products? 30:00
10. How do you balance entrepreneurs and enterprises? 32:10
11. Why your product should be easy to use…but not too easy to use 36:30
12. Big trend: Going global faster and why Twilio makes it easy 38:45
13. What is the most amazing thing leverages Twilio services 40:00


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About Lynda Smith
Lynda SmithLynda brings over 25 years of experience in marketing, sales and general management across a diverse set of industries. In her capacity as SVP Marketing/Chief Marketing Officer for a number of companies including Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Nuance, Genpact, Jive, WeVideo and now Twilio, Lynda has been responsible for the full end-to-end marketing responsibilities of an organization. Lynda has an undergraduate degree in liberal arts from Simpson College and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. She is on the faculty of Stanford University where she serves as a lecturer in Global Entrepreneurial Marketing and Professional Education programs.

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