The top 10 episodes of 2013 – well, sort of

Top 10 lists are a great way to review the year that was if you push out as much content as I do but the problem is that the guys I interview in December get the short end because of obvious reasons. This year I got wise and am now presenting to you the top 10 most watched episodes from Dec 1 2012 – Nov 30 2013.

Here they are in bragging rights order:

1. Episode #476: Why The Coding Is The Easy Part For Mobile App Developers – With Buzztouch Founder David Book
2. Episode #446: Entering the era of real-time mobile infrastructure as a service – with PubNub co-founder Todd Greene
3. Episode #431: Why 50,000 monthly active users weren’t enough to stop his company from pivoting – with Spun co-founder Scott Lindenbaum
4. Episode #467: How PasswordBox passed Gmail as the #1 productivity app on their way to over 1M downloads – with CEO Dan Robichaud
5. Episode #485: How to start your mobile project the right way – with Mobilosophy co-founder Mathew Lazarus
6. Episode #478: Why CO Everywhere call themselves a real-time unfiltered reality show – with co-founders Tony Longo and Dan Adams
7. Episode #464: How Revolv is automating home automation – with co-founder Mike Soucie
8. Episode #441: Cognitive overhead, the age of inference and a photo app named Flock – with Bump co-founder David Lieb
9. Episode #444: How to succeed using location based marketing – with Ping Mobile’s Shuli Lowy
10. Episode #443: How Moves combines walking and mobile to create an effortless app – with co-founder Sampo Karjalainen

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Thank you all for making 2013 so much fun!

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