The Take: Episode 1

Welcome to The Take. A quick thought or two on some of the more interesting stories in mobile over the past couple of days.

Today, we start with Twitter and the weather channel.

The weather channel is running an incredibly effective ad network that pairs their treasure trove of weather data with human consumption patterns. For example, they know that an increase in temperature by a couple of degrees in LA means an increase in beer sales. They are now working with Twitter to offer up weather-based ads in the twitter stream. Warm weather brings ice cream. Colder weather brings chilli and hot chocolate. Ads can be targeted based on temperature, wind, rain, humidity and dew point overlaid with subscriber information like location, interests, keywords and devices. This could paint a pretty accurate picture for advertisers.

You don’t have to go to Russia to be held for ransom. Two russian hackers have confessed to remotely hacking users apple devices and holding them ransom – this according to Mashable. A 17 year old and 23 year old are being held in Moscow for allegedly locking iPhones and asking for $50 via paypal to relinquish control. This could win the darwin award for mobile hacking. PayPal? Someone will get this right at some point and when they do…

To be a developer means to be a mobile developer.

According to Evans data developers survey mobile is absorbing the developer population. There are roughly 19 million developers on this planet of ours and about 8.7 million of them are now writing apps for mobile devices. This number has doubled since 2010 and added 700,000 developers last year alone.

There are almost 50% more mobile developers in asia-pac than Europe, Middle east and Africa.

Finally, a cool little app that may replace your stereo yet.

Audibly syncs music across multiple devices and plays it all in surround sound. The app, created by Nick Frey, Chris Galzerano, and Veeral Patel, requires you have to have a physical copy of the song to start the stream, but they’re looking to tap into APIs for other services, like Spotify or Beats, to share tracks via cloud music services, too. They’re also working on YouTube integration, which would let one person paste a YouTube URL to allow recipients to hear the audio stream for that video.

The only thing that isn’t cool about this app is the revenue model: Affiliate fees earned from the sale of music.

It is available now in the AppStore. Just search for audibly.

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