The Take #3: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Amazon’s smartphone?

Did Amazon enter the smartphone market or perfect the mobile commerce experience?

Amazon announced their long-awaited and worst-kept-secret smartphone and it seems judgement has been passed. Ho-hum’s all around – certainly not an iPhone killer by any standard. This according to every single tech journalist that covered the event. The thing is, I wonder if we can actually call this a smartphone at all. I don’t think it even belongs in that category. Sure, it’s a phone, has a camera, does some 3D stuff, has mapping, twitter, Facebook, everything you would expect from a phone so why isn’t this a smartphone?

because they are amazon.

When you buy the phone you also get a year of Amazon prime with it – their growing stable of services like streaming videos, music, 2 day shipping and more. Stats show that Prime members spend more and more often with Amazon – a smart goal if you are a retailer. The phone isn’t the goal, Prime is. Built into the phone is a button on the side that evokes their FireFly service. Press the button to identify a song playing in the background, a movie, a QR bar codes, groceries – you get the point. Once it is scanned you can add it to your cart or buy on the spot.

Amazon didn’t build another smartphone, they reinvented mobile commerce. While every other retailer and quick-serve restaurant on the planet is building a mobile payment solution, Amazon built an entire mobile commerce platform in the shape of a smartphone. The difference is, of course, their goals are different – the phone is secondary to the lifetime customer and what better way to find lifetime customers than to make it a part of their day, everyday.

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