My smart calendar choice is Tempo. Here’s why

I think I’ve used every single calendar app that is available for iOS. After hunting, pecking, spending and testing I feel I’ve landed on the one that will have a permanent place on my task bar – Tempo. I started using the app after I interviewed Tempo founder Raj Singh back when it launched in April of 2013 and was impressed then. With their latest release (just yesterday), this is now the one for me. Why? A few key reasons: First, the intelligence of the network – it brings in all my contact information and calendaring context into focus by scouring LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to give me insight into who I’m meeting with. Second, as a frequent traveler it gives me status updates on my flights – without me asking for it. Third, UX is one-hand awesome and to input an appointment is done in plain language (reminds me of an app I used on my old Palm Tungsten back in the day).

There are many more reasons to use Tempo – like the notification screen integration on iOS or the simple templates for messaging meeting participants or the customizable image on the daily view of the calendar or the automatic connections to audio conferencing systems or even the directions to your next meeting (with iOS Maps or Google Maps integration). Whatever the reason, this app is now fixed solidly on my task bar and it would take a herculean effort for me to drop it.

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