Why privacy is a killer strategy or an app killer

Mobile App Minute Episode #23:

Privacy is an overused, under implemented strategy for mobile apps these days. There is a lot of talk but very little action. Companies that violate the privacy rights of their users will, at best, feel the wrath of their users and at worst suffer catastrophic (and perhaps business-threatening) outcomes. Think about the fury that UBER has met with recently. There is a drastic difference between having a privacy policy and living it for your users. Real brands understand the need to live by privacy – to defend it at all costs. Do you do this? Do you have a privacy-first approach to your users? Very few mobile app companies do – mostly because it is not easy to implement. Not easy to understand. Not. Easy.

This is the focus of this episode and offers up some great resources to help you set up your privacy-focused organization. This is critical in establishing a level of trust with your users. If you don’t, you are leaving money on the table. Watch the episode to understand the impact of not thinking about privacy.

Resources mentioned in this episode
The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps
The MEF Global Consumer Study 2014
AppPrivacy – create your own privacy statement in 3 steps

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With Rob Woodbridge and Peggy Anne Salz

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