Regent Street to be renamed Beacon Street

Mobile Commerce Minute Episode #335:

In a first on many levels, famed high-end shopping mecca Regent Street in London has had 180 beacons installed in the entrances of all the shops that line the street. The app, created by Autograph, allows consumers to customize the types of shops that can reach out to them through the setup. It is one of the first massive controlled rollouts of the beacon technology – done by the Regent Street Partnership under The Crown Estate. It is early but this is a project that all retailers should be watching very closely.

With Rob Woodbridge and Chuck Martin

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  • Matt


    Beacon technology and the tools to manage the messaging and ongoing conversation is still very new. I love seeing implementations like this with an “aggregator” as you say, but it is very clear that once we pass the test-n-learn phase that brands will be incorporating directly into their own app strategies.

    I would liken this to couponing… Brands will always participate in various distribution channels, but ultimately they want to control the user experience and drive them onto an email or mobile subscription list or to download their own app.

  • @disqus_bCskJqm0nr:disqus – exactly! Brands will never again hand over complete control to an outside provider. They will own this, in their apps, and control the experience the way they should.

    Thanks for the insight! <– and the comment.

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