How to use testing to make your app better

Mobile App Minute Episode #006:

Want to know the secret to a successful app? Well, listen up, here it is. Testing, iteration, interaction and testing again. In short, the secret to a successful app is hard work. There are no shortcuts in the app world any more.

A huge part of the success of your app depends on a very important cycle with your customers – one that if done right will bring you closer to your customer (and satisfying their requirements of you) than ever before. That cycle is testing. If everything is in place and you are constantly testing and asking, every release that lands on your users screen should be closer and closer to what they want because they’ve told you so.

How do you do it? Have no fear, Peggy outlines her A/B testing primer in this episode – things you can do and use right away to start bringing you closer to your user.

*Peggy’s report on Push can be found here.

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With Rob Woodbridge and Peggy Anne Salz

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