The most over looked revenue strategy for Android developers

Mobile App Minute Episode #18:

The goal of every app developer is to attract as many users as possible to their app. Which is why it’s really important to explore – and enjoy the benefits of alternative app stores if you have an Android app. Why? Because – although the majority of app developers may view placement in Google Play as the best way to achieve mass market reach and distribution for their Android apps, the numbers — and news — tell a different story. The raft of companies out there running app stores as a huge part of their wider business strategy — from Amazon to Yandex, and Samsung to China’s counterpart to Google, Baidu — should send a clear message to app developers that it is crucial to cast a wide net and think globally.

This episode highlights the reasons why it thinking beyond the borders of “mainstream” app stores is imperative and one of the most important strategies you can follow.

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With Rob Woodbridge and Peggy Anne Salz

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