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Welcome to episode #212. On the show: Live deals on posters; TGI Fridays’ drone attack; Health Insurance benefits with Misfit; Search as signal by Mindshare and Google; Leave your stuff at the Hyatt – in Australia; Maps on clothes with Monochome; Feed America with Jawbone and Quaker Oats; Pop-up Libraries; Smart screens by Photon and Panasonic; eBay Australia’s 24-hour Christmas Windows.

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 212

Recorded: December 12, 2014
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

1. Very.co.uk teams with Vizeum and Posterscope for Christmas deals 5:20
2. TGI Fridays – Trouble with drones 6:55
3. Oscar Health Insurance teams with Mistfit for biometrics based rewards 11:20
4. Mindshare and Google team up to develop “Search As Signal” 13:50
5. Grand Hyatt Melbourne – “Leave It At Hyatt” program 16:05
6. Monochome‘s geoprint clothing 18:45
7. Jawbone + Quaker Oats Challenge for Feeding America 21:05
8. Librariers Without Borders + UNHCR create Ideas Box, Pop-up Library 22:20
9. Photon + Panasonic team for smarter screens in the future 26:12
10. eBay Australia creates 24-hour Christmas Windows 27:45

Top stories:
1. Bricks and clicks 33:50
2. Locations for causes 40:25

Resource of the week
Public Perceptions of Privacy and Security in the Post-Snowden Era 48:30

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