How FUZdesigns Kickstarted their way to over $1.2 million in pre-orders – with co-founder Cameron Gibbs


To succeed with one product on Kickstarter is a challenge but to do it twice is pretty rare – especially if it is two different products. What about 4 times? We’ve seen many companies bring a second or third version of a successfully crowdsourced project back for a second iteration but our guest today built 4 separate mobile products through Kickstarter within a year.

Cameron Gibbs is the co-founder of FUZdesigns, makers of the EverDock, the beautiful Kickstarter-funded iPhone dock, and the Noke, the Kickstarter-funded bluetooth lock – plus two other smaller projects. We discuss these successes, the inspiration behind the products, the struggle with pricing, the challenges of designing and producing high-quality products overseas, how they decide to build products, the challenges of becoming a hardware AND a software company and even how they managed to raise over $1.2 million in pre-orders within a year.



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1. Why aren’t you in California (i.e. Why are you in Salt Lake City)? 2:20
2. What is FUZdesigns 5:00
3. What was the result for EverDock (first product) on Kickstarter 9:00
4. How do you design your products to make sure you can deliver a successful Kickstarter 14:30
5. Were you worried about theft of your product? 17:30
6. How do you decide on price? 19:30
7. Did you make money from the Kickstarter campaigns? 24:00
8. What did you do with the money you raised with Kickstarter? 26:30
9. Do you feel the bar is set so high for customer service that it can’t be achieved? 27:35
10. Did you have duplicate backers when you launched the Noke? 32:30
11. What was the inspiration to build the Noke? 34:20
12. How does the Noke work? 38:00
13. How do you decide what goes into a product like this? 39:45
14. What is it like building software AND hardware? 43:50
15. What is your product development strategy? 46:00
16. How did you market these two Kickstarter campaigns? 49:00


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About Cameron Gibbs
Cameron Gibbs of FUZdesignsCameron has led businesses in the consumer electonics industry for more than 12 years. As a product and marketing manager, Cameron helped grow Sewell Direct to become one of Utah’s fastest growing companies in 2006. At ZAGG, he directed product and online marketing as it grew to become the fastest growing publicly traded company in 2012. As the senior product manager, Cameron led the development of many award-winning products including the company’s first wireless speaker and family of power products.

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