My first year in a mobile startup with Lowdown co-founder David Senior


David Senior doesn’t hold back. He is the co-founder of a new kind of service that helps put your upcoming meetings in context called Lowdown. We get to that in this episode, as well as their newest app release called Here, but the real reason you NEED to watch or listen to this episode is for the truth. The truth about how difficult it is to find good advice that is worth listening to. The truth about how hard it is to build a company with staying power in this era of temporary companies. How hard it is to equip yourself to compete globally. How hard this “simple” business of mobile really is.

David says that he asked 100 people their advice over the year he has been building Lowdown and everything they’ve offered – some of the typical advice you would get from so-called “experts” – was wrong. This last year has been an incredible learning experience for the company and he is offering it up for all of us right here, in this episode.

We talk about the products, the growth hacking he’s experimented with, the impact of his appearance on Bloomberg, his philosophy on the right number of customers, his thinking on “lean methodology”, what their app ecosystem strategy is and how he maintains his positivity through the ups and downs of running a startup.

I know I think very highly of the guests we have on but this episode with David is one I’ve listened to a number of times already simply because of the unbelievable insight he brings to that early stage of a startup in the mobile world. If you are building a business in the mobile industry, this is a must watch episode. Prepare to learn.

Thanks David!!!


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is Lowdown & how did you come up with the idea? 2:00
2. Why meetings? 6:30
3. How does Lowdown differentiate from the competition? 10:30
4. Why charge for the service from the start? 13:30
5. Why launch a free service called “HERE”? 15:30
6. Lowdown’s awareness making strategy is… 22:45
7. How Lowdown used Betalist to get feedback 24:00
8. How did you get on TechCrunch? 26:00
9. Did banner advertising work to create awareness for Lowdown? 29:00
10. The BEST method for creating awareness David found was… 29:50
11. Where did you get the advice to market Lowdown? 31:20
12. What was the impact of being on Bloomberg? 31:00
13. How did you decide to build the HERE app? 34:20
14. What is “narrow AI”? 40:40
15. What lessons have you learned over the launch of Lowdown 44:10
16. How would you ask for advice now knowing what you know? 45:30
17. Why “lean methodology” is shit 48:00
18. A conversation on being “unique” 50:00
19. Why you should read Seth Godin 53:15
20. How long do you give HERE as a marketing tool before you build more or kill it? 54:20
21. Why build an Android version of HERE when you don’t have one for Lowdown? Does this distract you from your mission? 61:20


Transcript coming soon!

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About David Senior
David SeniorFor 18 years – Technology Consultancy & Business Development for CC, SCC, BT, HP.

Over £100m total new business sales to large Enterprise companies – Worldcom, Ford, BBC, WPP, O2, VT Group, Vodafone, Cable & Wireless, Sony and many more….

In 2012 I founded Spark33 Ltd to advise CxO’s with challenges associated with Mobile and Mobile Apps.

In 2013 I co-founded Lowdownapp Ltd to make smarter mobile first services for professionals so they can focus on more human interactions.

I am a contributing technology writer and technology blogger.

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