Episode #499: CROWDSOURCED with iWinks co-founders Daniel Schoonover and Andrew Smiley

Lucid dreaming for the masses

Close your eyes for a second. Now picture yourself side by side with Leo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon Levitt cruising through 3 layers of dreams. As you fight bad guys with your brain and imaginary braun you have a moment of realization: you are dreaming. Welcome to the world of lucid dreams.

Lucid dreaming takes practice and patience unless you start using the Aurora, a headband created by my guests Daniel Schoonover and Andrew Smiley of iWinks. They are trying to bring lucid dreams to the masses so you too can join Leo on his adventure.

Daniel and Andrew have poured 4 years into this creation, making everything by hand and have just come off a successful crowd funding initiative where they collected around $240K. I stole a few of their waking minutes from their office in San Diego to talk about their business.

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Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is lucid dreaming? 1:45
2. Why is lucid dreaming interesting? 3:15
3. How does the Aurora help with lucid dreaming? 4:45
4. Where did the idea come from and why build this? 6:43
5. What does it take to have a lucid dream? 8:50
6. What are the benefits of lucid dreaming? 11:30
7. How does Aurora work? 14:10
8. What is the smartphone’s role in this? 17:30
9. Why was the Aurora such a hit on Kickstarter? 20:35

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About Daniel Schoonover & Andrew Smiley
Daniel Schoonover & Andrew Smiley iWinks AuroraWhen it comes time for words, Schoonover is no Steinbeck. But he is quite humble. One might even say the most humble! At age 28, he’s tallied an astounding stash of graduate degrees compared to number of girlfriends. Truth time? His earliest memory is a lucid dream. But don’t take his word for it – lets hear some real-life testimonials! “Danny is the most talented human I know.” —Esther Schoonover (no relation)

Andrew writes code….lots of it. But when he’s not typing away on a 104-key keyboard, he expresses himself on an 88 key one. Hiking, frisbee, and gardening often form a weird love triangle with his keyboard fetish, and provide much needed Vitamin D.

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