Episode #493: CROWDSOURCED with Climbax project lead Cas Ladha

In a premier of sorts, I’ve scoured the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to see what is out there in the mobile, pervasive computing and wearable / sensor world being built and funded independently. The first feature looks at a wearable wristband for rock climbers called Climbax. In this episode I talk with the project lead, Cas Ladha, from Newcastle University.

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Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What led to Climbax? 1:36
2. How did you decide on what to measure for the climber? 4:30
3. The 4 measurements captured for the benefit of the climber 9:00
4. What was the difference between building the hardware vs software 14:20
5. How large is the market for Climbax? 15:30
6. Do you worry about the balance between features and battery power? 18:00
7. How has the transition from researcher to entrepreneur been? 20:00
8. Why Kickstarter? 21:30
9. What has been the biggest surprise to date from using Kickstarter 23:45
10. If you don’t hit your Kickstarter goal, what does that tell you about the product? 25:00
11. What advice do you have to help other Kickstarter initiatives 26:50
12. How important is timing 28:30

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About Cassim Ladha
Cassim Ladha ClimbaxMy background stems firmly from engineering – I hold a MEng in Electronic Communication Engineering and a PhD in Wireless Sensor Networks, both from Newcastle University. However, I currently sit as a Senior Research Associate (SRA) within the Computing Science faculty. Currently my time is split over a number of projects, all of which have an embedded or pervasive technology theme. My research interests predominantly lie within health and wellbeing. Put simply, this means I spend the majority of my time applying technologies or designing new technologies to improve peoples lives both physically and mentally. While some of this work is very practical, for example re-designing old medical technologies, at other times it is quite exploratory and experimental. I find this variation in my role keeps me sane! Outside of the lab I enjoy spending my time outdoors and am a keen rock/ice climber and surfer.

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