Why you should fear the ultimate centroid – with Arrivalist founder Cree Lawson


The core to much of the emerging mobile advertising fortunes, location is not as easy as it seems. There are so many factors that effect the “place” in location and it gets more complicated as we unearth its potential and start using it for business.

As we’ve tried to capture in other episodes, getting location right is of paramount importance and one of the most difficult and rewarding things for the craft of marketing since marketing was invented. There are different pieces to location marketing and we take a look at a few in this episode.

Cree Lawson is back for an update about his company Arrivalist. This time he is here to talk about the emergence of this industry, the single biggest challenge his company has identified and overcome (the ultimate centroid), the customer results and how Forbes gave him the credibility he needed to close his second (and third, and fourth and…) client.

Always informative and focused on takeaways, Cree brings an incredible knowledge about the most important axis of marketing today.


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. Arrivalist update 3:30
2. Why has this taken off now? 4:20
3. What are your customers asking you? 5:45
4. Where is the focus – local advertising or bringing people into a city? 8:00
5. How did you close your second client? 11:50
6. What was the impact of being in Forbes? 12:45
7. Why the focus on the tourism boards? 15:00
8. Why not do revenue share with your clients? 18:15
9. How do you onboard enough clients to grow? 20:40
10. Is Arrivalist now a part of budget for your clients? 23:20
11. What is the “ultimate centroid”? 26:00
12. How do you solve this issue? 31:40
13. What is the number or conversation rate that makes you and your clients happy? 35:30
14. Why attribution is still a huge challenge 38:30


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About Cree Lawson
creelawsonsmCree Lawson is founder & CEO of Arrivalist–the first company to measure in real time how online destination marketing impacts visitation. Arrivalist’s patent pending technology platform uses information from mobile devices and big data technology to measure which of the billions of impressions served a day influence people to move from one place to another. Prior to Arrivalist, Lawson started Travel Ad Network (TAN)–one of the leading Vertical Ad Networks–with less than $500,000 in investment and turned it into the largest travel information audience in the world. Before Travel Ad Network, Lawson served in a variety of Management, Sales, Business Development and Marketing roles at Random House, the Associated Press, Gannett, Time Warner Trade Publisher and two Internet start-ups. He’s also a nationally-recognized investigative reporter and an academic All-American athlete. His publishing career began in 1994 when, as editor of the college newspaper, he made the Belmont Vision one of the first 5 college papers published online. Lawson lives with his wife and son in NYC.

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