Disarming privacy with charity + Michael Provenzano of Vistar Media

Welcome to episode #211. On the show: Snapchat opens geofilters to everyone; Barclay’s Bank enlists beacons to help customers with disabilities; Cab Share Canada launches; Girl Scout’s launch their cookie-finder app; Proxama + Exterion bring beacons to the bus; KLM’s “Cover Greetings” campaign; Location Guard for FireFox; The Neighbrhds app; Liberty Stores builds app on Instagram for customer loyalty; Target + Google’s Art Copy & code program. Special guest is Michael Provenzano of Vistar Media

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 211

Recorded: December 5, 2014
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

1. Snapchat opens geofilters 5:50
2. Barclay’s Bank using beacons for the disabled 7:05
3. Cab Share Canada 8:55
4. Girl Scout Cookie Finder App 12:35
5. Proxama + Exterion partner on buses 15:15
6. KLM’s “Cover Greetings” campaign 19:35
7. Location Guard for Firefox 22:05
8. Neighbrhds app 24:40
9. Liberty Stores using Tapestry’s Instagram for perks program 27:10
10. Target + Google’s Art Copy & Code program 30:15

Special Guest: Michael Provenzano of Vistar Media 33:00

Top stories:
1. Beacons in the wild 38:00
2. Target + Google disarming security and privacy with charity 46:15

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