Beacons, beacons, beacons and a wearable drone + SchneiderMike from Skyhook Wireless

Welcome to episode #202. On the show: Urban Airship and Gimbal cozy up around beacons; Is that a drone on your wrist?; Dancing traffic lights; MoPub and Juice Mobile team up; Estimote maps the indoors; AirPatrol secures 2 patents; Path’s best effort is…PathTalk?; xAd teams with Captivate Networks; Shazam is absorbed by Siri; Honeywell brings Google Glass to the air. Our special guest is SchneiderMike, VP of Marketing for Skyhook Wireless. Our resource of the week is Commute by MapQuest.

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 202

Recorded: October 3, 2014
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

(starts at 7:00)

1. Urban Airship partners with Gimbal
2. Nixie – First drone wearable?
3. Smart car – dancing traffic light – Lisbon, Portugal
4. Twitter’s MoPub and Juice Mobile team up
5. Estimote launches new indoor location toolkit
6. AirPatrol receives 2 new patents
7. Path comes back with PathTalk
8. xAd teams up with Captivate Networks
9. Shazam and Siri
10. Honeywell brings Google Glass to flight attendants

Special Guest
SchneiderMike of Skyhook Wireless (36:35)

Deep-dive Discussions:
1. Misguided assessment of big trends (46:00)
2. xAd + Captivate Networks (55:30)

Resource of the week:
Mapquest – Commute App (59:40)

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