Ask a VC with Vegas Tech Fund partner Will Young

Here is another instalment of our “Ask a VC” feature. This time we sit with Vegas Tech Fund partner Will Young. The Vegas Tech Fund is part of the many initiatives put together by Zappos founder Tony Hsieh with a mandate to revitalize the Vegas tech scene. When you watch this episode you will quickly understand that the ethos of Zappos and Hsieh himself are a fundamental ingredient in their investment philosophy.

After watching Will in this episode you will want to come up with an idea just to simply work with him.



Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is the Vegas Tech Fund 1:21
2. What is your area of expertise 2:45
3. What is your geographic footprint? 3:40
4. Return on community? 4:30
5. How do entrepreneurs connect with you? 5:25
6. What stage do you invest in? 6:35
7. Do you invest in the idea or the team 7:55
8. What questions should entrepreneurs ask you? 9:00
9. What is the more important slide in a pitch deck 10:30
10. What industries are you watching with intent 11:25
11. Will’s perspective on mobile 12:35


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About Will Young
Will Young Zappos Vegas Tech FundEx-programmer who dreams of coding again someday. Loses sleep over strategy, marketing & product.

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