Amazon, drones and Audi’s car sharing service + Retail prophet Doug Stephens

Welcome to episode #210. On the show: Europe is just next door; Hire a plumber from Amazon; Hexoskin’s Arctic Smart Shirt; Google takes over Times Square; Drones in TGI Fridays; Shazam goes in-store with Mood Media; Decorate the Crystal Tree from an app; Hike with me + ShowUp make the solo outing a thing of the past; Audi’s new car sharing platform; Fujitsu turns light into image recognition. Our resource of the week is 3D printed maps for the blind. Our special guest is Retail prophet Doug Stephens.

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 210

Recorded: November 28, 2014
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

1. “Europe is Just Next Door” campaign TBWA + SNCP (Paris) 10:40
2. Amazon getting into “local services” 13:20
3. Hexoskin – Arctic Smart Shirt 15:35
4. Giant billboard in Times Square – Interact with Google’s Androidify app 19:00
5. TGI Fridays – Mistletoe drones 22:00
6. Shazam + Mood Media = Shazam In-store 24:00
7. The Crystal Tree – teamLab 27:30
8. & ShowUp apps 29:35
9. Audi’s new car sharing system 31:50
10. Fujitsu’s “Light labeling system” 34:50

Special Guest: Doug Stephens of RetailProphet 40:45

Top stories:
1. Amazon 47:50
2. Drones 53:50
3. Audi 60:45

Resource of the week
Japanese Cartographers Create Printable 3D Maps for the Blind 70:00

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