The ski bunny challenge

Part of being a parent in Canada is the tradition of teaching your kids to ski. I’m writing this from the lodge at our local hill – Camp Fortune. My kids are on the mountain, learning how to survive the cold Ottawa winters and I sit with all the other parents buried in a coffee and a glowing screen doing that other Canadian ritual – working on the weekend.

Every once in a while I head out to see that my guys are still alive – just to be a good parent I guess. On one of these hunts for my kids I realized there could be great opportunity for ski hills to start to adopt the use of mobile to help us, the diligent working parent hunkered down inside.

I would love to see a ski version of the Waze app mixed with Moves (an app that tracks steps and location) – crowdsourced lineup information with wait times and skiing density on each hill. With this app it wouldn’t be hard to then tag each and every ski pass (daily or season) with an NFC chip and reader that tracks everyone’s whereabouts. The benefits from this would be endless – especially for local hills as it could drive increased activity on slow days. Imagine getting a text message saying “lineups are 30 seconds and the weather is -3 Celsius AND bring a friend for free”.

I realize that this is not cheap and requires a considerable number of folks to carry devices, download some sort of app that does all this (not to mention the app creation part) and then data being processed, cleaned and turned into something useful. I get it but this is where things are going and it could drive new business and increase safety for the hill.

Plus, it would be great to not have to leave the lodge to see where my kids are on the mountain.

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