Mobile lessons of Super Bowl XLVII

Do you actually watch football? I mean regular season football. Well, I don’t. More of a baseball and hockey kind of guy. Canadian if you will. But the Super Bowl, well, as far as sports is concerned, that transcends the boundary between pop culture, entertainment and sporting event. It’s crazy to think that close to 15% of the entire planet sat down last night to watch the game, including me.

This year there were some obvious differences from any year previous. Everyone I was with had a smartphone. Everyone I was with had a Twitter account. Everyone I was with used both during the game – especially when the lights went out. When the announcers couldn’t talk, mobile and Twitter did it for them (which was actually kind of great – the masses with a voice and the painful sideline commentary about the lights coming back on and the teams staying focused silenced). And boy did it talk: Over 24 million Twitter posts spawned from the game last night with the peak coming at a blistering pace of 231,000 Tweets per minute during the blackout prompting this Tweet from Ryan Sarver

It’s true, Twitter has never been this good – ever. It’s also never been this mobile:

And this is just the start. We all know the cost of a Super Bowl ad – $4 million for a 30 second spot but when the lights went out who won the night? Oreo because of this quick campaign and a mobile Twitter chain reaction that had this shared 12,000 times in minutes making it one of the most talked about events of the night. Ok, one of the most talked about mobile/social stories of the night.

This was the first “real” mobile Super Bowl and you can’t dismiss the importance of the things we saw – including the great effort put forth by Shazam and their yearly Super Bowl tagging efforts. Put succinctly, the blackout handed the voice back to the audience and the little, innovative interactions – from Oreo to Audi – made for a second-screen experience that, aside from the game itself, rivalled the first screen.

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