Episode #477: Is NFC the Billy Beane of the mobile era – with David Shalaby of TapTrack

Episode #477

Depending on where you sit, you see NFC as the saviour or the Billy Beane of the mobile era: All the promise and the hype and the commitment but none of the pop that was expected. The potential is there for this technology but why are other companies like Apple and PayPal ignoring it? What impact does that have on the rest of the NFC ecosystem?

Once labelled the future of the mobile wallet, NFC is going through a transition while it tries to shed the labels it was given just 2 short years ago. The thing is that NFC is suffering through a branding problem that competing technologies aren’t. It has been almost summarily dismissed as that promised payments platform – enhanced by the fact that Apple still refuses to bring it into the iPhone or iPad. So what is this thing called NFC?

David Shalaby, co-founder of Toronto, Canada based TapTrack is here to help us navigate towards the bright future of NFC away from that payments world it was set to upend. What you’ll find is a very frank discussion on the potential uses of this almost-already pervasive platform (by the end of this year NFC will be in 500 million devices worldwide). Once you get over the fact that the value here is NOT yet in payments and you start looking at other solutions that will emerge – many of them outside of the phone – the opportunities for entrepreneurs seem endless.

NFC is in an odd space: Labelled the future of the game, an overachiever before stepping foot in the batters box, it is neither important nor not important right now but listening to David talk about the future may just give us a glimpse into what capacity it will resurface.


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. Is NFC dead? 1:45
2. What is TapTrack 2:50
3. What’s the perfect example to showcase your offering? 4:45
4. Why get into the NFC world now? 8:15
5. Is NFC a technology in search of a market? 13:30
6. Why is BLE solving a different problem than NFC 14:50
7. What does iBeacon do to NFC? 17:25
8. What has taken NFC so long to emerge? 21:00
9. The benefits of a closed loop commerce system? 23:00
10. What does the iPhone 5s fingerprint reader mean to NFC? 25:00
11. Is this a new Beta vs VHS? 30:00
12. Is PayPal the killer payment and retail system? 34:00
13. Game changer for NFC: The “non present rate” fees challenge 36:10
14. Big thought: NFC is on 500M phones, time to start building for them? 40:00
15. Where should entrepreneurs focus if they are interested in building for NFC 41:40

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About David Shalaby
David Shalaby TapTrack David is the co-founder of TapTrack, and NFC solutions provider where he heads the R&D efforts. TapTrack has developed a platform for NFC solutions using a combination of hardware and software products. An instructor at the NFC Bootcamp David is passionate about bring NFC solutions to enterprise verticals, B2B markets and the developer community.

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