Episode #472: 5 steps to a successful mobile app launch – with ComboApp’s Art Dogtiev

Episode #472

“This is a dog-eat-dog world and I’m wearing Milkbone underwear” – Norm from Cheers.

Building a business building and selling apps is hard. There are so many contributing factors that should dissuade entrepreneurs from doing it that I can’t list them all here but for those that succeed this mobile life is good. If you are one of the few whos products have risen above and broken through the froth and noise and clutter you are revered, on everyone’s radar and riding momentum. But for every one of those, there are 100K apps that toil in obscurity and a lot of that can be as a direct result of not working the launch.

Art Dogtiev leads the Social Media team at app promo agency ComboApp and we focus primarily on the key steps to a successful mobile app launch but venture off on important social media tactics, app store tactics, mobile app development strategies and just common sense when it comes to building a business in the mobile app world.


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is the mobile ecosystem like in the Ukraine? 1:43
2. ComboApp background 3:26
3. Step 1: What specific feature does your app bring to the market? 7:45
4. The ComboApp marketing brief checklist for an app launch 9:15
5. What should app developers spend to launch a game 11:25
6. How do app developers find their sweet spot? 16:00
7. The “Clear” todo app case study 18:30
8. Is the launch of a device the best opportunity to rise to the top of the app world? 20:10
9. Is search an effective way to be discovered in the app stores? 22:40
10. The current “App Marketing Template” that I see 26:55
11. What are the 5 steps for a successful launch 28:10
12. Step 1: Get your marketing copy right 28:20
13. Step 2: The problem with the way you are approaching media and bloggers 29:50
14. Step 3: What social channels should you use, when and what content? 31:45
15. Who should you target your social content towards? Users? Other Developers? 34:45
16. Should developers focus on a single social channel or go with multiple (ie. Facebook alone or FB + Twitter + Pinterest) 37:25
17. What other channels can developers use for app awareness? 39:00
18. Step 4: Work with mobile ad networks 41:00
19. Pro tip: Don’t put all your money in a single network 41:50
20. Advice for using ad networks effectively 43:20
21. One of the most effective marketing strategies for mobile apps is… 44:30
22. Step 5: Stay connected and track your media to remain relevant for future product releases 48:00
23. Is the “concentrated launch burst” an effective strategy? 50:55

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About Artyom Dogtiev
Artyom Dogtiev ComboAppArtyom Diogtev is the Head of Social Media at the ComboApp App Marketing Agency. A happily married family man, Art began his career in the tech industry in 2001, gaining a reputation as an SEO specialist before joining ComboApp in 2010. He welcomed a beautiful daughter with his wife in 2005.

Art attests his chronic enthusiasm for social to the fact that for him finding different new ways to connect people both with one another and also with high quality apps has become a lifestyle choice more so than as a career. He’s been honing his expertise on how to use popular connection engines like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the blog universe to bring audiences and products/ services together for years.

The end result, he’s found, isn’t as much that he’s mastered the art of implementing effective marketing solutions on these platforms, but that he gets to have the satisfaction of watching audiences discover apps – whether they be tools, games, or anything in between – which enhance their daily lives.

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