Episode #471: Why mobile is poised to become video’s first screen – with Wistia co-founder Chris Savage

Episode #471

How big is mobile video? Big like by the end of 2012 over 30 million people were streaming live television from a smartphone. Big like almost 31 million people streamed the NCAA Final Four championship game from their smartphone. Big like mobile video will represent 66% of global mobile traffic by 2017.

That big.

The enormity of the shift in how we consume content has been swift and is not over by a long shot. With the personal nature of the phones we carry comes with it the personal preferences of the content we wish to consume. Think about the evolution of content and you’ll see we haven’t really begun to understand what this means and where it is going. The TV used to be the primary (first) screen. It is centre stage in most of our homes. Computers gave us access to incredible content that tore down borders – they were the first windows of content choice. Smartphones, tablets and set top boxes have increased the breadth of content and decentralized control of our viewing patterns and habits. It has been an incredible 15 years since the emergence of RealNetworks (remember them) and 8 years since YouTube emerged.

It could be that we are finally entering the video era: Consumption is at an all time high, creation has become affordable, distribution simplified and the audience global, connected and expecting it to be on-demand. The question really needs to be how you as a content producer, business, marketer, educator, politician, parent or broadcaster begin to put your content in front of a growing audience. How do you bring value to your viewers through mobile. How do you create conversions? How do you build for this platform?

Chris Savage co-founded video hosting company Wistia in 2006 and has emerged as an important catalyst in simplified hosting, bringing with them the analytics to help creators make more effective content decisions. Chris brings his insight to help you move down the path of video on mobile.

The insights are incredible – take these 2 nuggets: (1) Mobile is the last bastion of the single-task. There is no multitasking in mobile video – it takes over the entire screen – so you had better make it effective. (2) The length of the video is determined by the relationship (or lack thereof) you have with the viewer. If you are known, longer is better. If you are not known, shorter is better. These may seem simple but the ramifications are huge and, quite frankly, you are probably doing it wrong right now.

Chris can help. Watch the video.


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is Wistia 1:55
2. Why build Wistia? 2:55
3. Is this the democratization of content creation? 8:50
4. Why use video to market your products 11:40
5. What is the Wistia mandate 13:50
6. What stype/type of video has worked best for your business 14:55
7. What one video sticks out that has validated your view on the importance of video? 19:50
8. How does mobile impact video consumption 23:15
9. What kind of calls to action should you use with mobile video 25:30
10. What type of content should be used on mobile? 29:40
11. Is there an appropriate time for an ask in mobile video? 31:48
12. What is THE downside of mobile 34:00
13. What is the best video length for mobile? 34:30
14. What kind of content is the most powerful for mobile 38:50
15. How does the combination of mobile and video change education 40:54
16. What are the “second screen” opportunities because of mobile? 45:42
17. How does the use of location benefit video producers? 48:39

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About Chris Savage
Chris Savage WistiaChris Savage is the co-founder of Wistia, a video marketing application for easily sharing and tracking your video for businesses.

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