Episode #466: How Ingenious Med helps hospitals earn revenue through mobile – with VP Krina Patel

Episode #466

Two industries that mobile has the potential to disrupt are education and healthcare but the walls around them seem high and thick. Sometimes this is not the case and, as you will see during this episode, the way in is often simpler than you think.

Ingenious Med tried mobile but back in 1999 with the Palm Pilot (remember that?). The vision was as clear as it is today: These portable devices can aid in patient care, billing and compliance. The problems back then were complex and involved the human condition, device connectivity as well as privacy issues and device penetration. Things have changed today around mobile acceptance as well as penetration and health practitioners are now looking for ways to use their devices as a way to compliment their job requirements.

Now, we aren’t talking about building a tricorder or a technology that uses a mobile computer for complicated diagnosis – yet. What we are talking about is starting at that first step, that first point of entry – the simplest way to make a very large impact on the business. It is here that Ingenious Med found their spot. It is here that Ingenious Med found their beachhead in the pockets of 25,000 doctors across the United States. It is here that Ingenious Med will begin but not where they end.

Krina Patel has been with the company throughout their mobile re-do and has incredible insight and sound strategic advice about targeting hospitals. We discuss their founder, Dr. Liu and the importance of having a “Steve Jobs-like” approach to product development; We talk tactics on how they were able to get their product in doctors hands; Krina elaborates on the importance of building something that integrates into their systems rather than sits beside them; and how they determined their value proposition to make their product a revenue generator for their customers.


Here is a quick reference of what we covered in the show. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. About Ingenious Med 1:53
2. What value does Ingenious Med provide to the hospitals? 2:30
3. Selling ROI into hospitals 5:00
4. Where did the company start? 6:15
5. How hard was it to be in the “mobile” business in 1999? 9:45
6. What was the thinking in the company when mobile returned with the iPhone in 2007 11:25
7. Was it hard to convince the company to get into mobile? 14:00
8. What is the split of your mobile users? 16:00
9. How did you build the mobile product to make it effective 18:50
10. Was it difficult to bring mobile into the hospitals? 22:25
11. Is there a “have/have not” challenge in the hospitals today? 24:45
12. How do you market inside the hospitals? 26:40
13. How important is the niche you’ve chosen? 28:45
14. Do you change behaviour or are you priming for the next generation doctor? 31:40
15. Is there a resistance because of technology 33:00
16. How do you use the data that you are collecting? 36:15
17. Could you have built this business without mobile? 42:00
18. Tactics to get into hospitals 43:00
19. Are hospitals an opportunity for real mobile disruption? 47:00
20. Is it hard to contain the company focus because of mobile? 49:00

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About Krina Patel
Krina Patel Ingenious MedKrina Patel, VP Ingenious Med Solutions is one of Ingenious Med’s many (revered) Georgia Tech graduates. Armed with a degree in international affairs with a minor in finance, she came to IM in 2005 and was instrumental in the development and early execution of the company’s consultative implementation approach. Since that time, Krina has become an industry expert on the workflows that surround inpatient revenue cycle management and has led GBQ (Getting Better Quicker) processes for several major hospitals and healthcare systems on behalf of Ingenious Med. She has also been instrumental in the development and launch of the company’s Business Intelligence product, imagine.

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