Episode #453: How to increase reach, retention and revenue for your mobile app – with Scringo co-founder Ran Avrahamy

Episode #453

Reach, Retention and Revenue are the new three “r’s” of business.

One of the single greatest challenges in the mobile app ecosystem is building a product that is compelling enough to have users come back to use it a second and third time. A one-time user does not build a sustainable business. There are some baseline strategies that can’t be ignored – simple things like building an app that doesn’t suck, one that people want to use. You know, easy stuff. Another part of this challenge is building the right features, with the right hooks to bring fickle mobile users back into the app while building those features quickly. This is where Ran Avrahamy and his team at Scringo come in.

What Ran and his team are doing is simplifying the tools to enable social engagement inside of your apps – for free. This includes previously time-consuming-to-code features like messaging, inviting friends, geo-location, real-time activities (think the Facebook or Instagram friend feeds) and, soon, app discovery. The feature list is so powerful, you can build a mobile product simply using their API.

Ran and I discuss the reasons for building this (and why do it for free), their revenue strategies, their feature roadmap, the way Scringo connects with developers (without “selling” to developers), their long-term plans and what it’s like building a mobile startup in Israel.


Here is a quick reference of what we covered in the show. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. Is it hard to launch a mobile app company in Israel? 1:40
2. What is Scringo 5:12
3. What are the 3 main pain points you attack for app developers 9:00
4. What are the main features of Scringo – what does it do 10:30
5. How do you know how many features to offer? When is enough? 16:30
6. How do you make money? 19:20
7. How different was the vision for the company when you launched 28:40
8. How has your thinking shifted for what features need to be in the product as you look at turning revenue on? 30:30
9. How will you show enough value to developers so they keep using Scringo? 32:10
10. How are you marketing to developers? 34:20
11. What NOT to do when marketing to developers 36:45
12. How long does it take to convince a developer to use Scringo 41:40
13. Is there an app that stands out as using Scringo the way you had hoped? 43:00

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About Ran Avrahamy
Ran Avrahamy ScringoRan is a mobile, social, new-media and all tech-related freak. Before Scringo, Ran served in various marketing & business development roles, helping startups grow. Ran has a lot of experience with marketing, distributing & monetizing mobile apps, leading scaled mobile projects and managing international developer communities. In Scringo, Ran is managing the product, marketing and partnership efforts, and leading the strong relationship between Scringo and its developers community.

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  • Hmmm. Wouldn’t surprise me – I often only ask one good question per episode 🙂

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