Episode #449: How Beergram builds loyalty and net new revenue for craft breweries through mobile – with founder Andrea Sanchez

Episode #449

There are a few important mobile trends that I pay very close attention to – to me, these are the most important and relevant reasons to do anything in the mobile rhelm and this episode highlights them in a single company – Beergram. Beergram allows you to send someone a craft brewed beer from anywhere in the world through your mobile device.

As a Canadian it is my responsibility to bring you the latest and greatest way to find and consume our national pastime – beer is our currency don’t you know (no, not really. We also don’t live in igloos and there is a brief moment in time when the snow does not cover our lawns too). As a fan of the mobile industry it is also my responsibility to bring you fine examples of these trends in play. So what are they? Niche and net new revenue. My favourite words in the mobile dictionary.

Niche means you’ve found an audience that has a problem and you have solved it for them. In doing so, you are also on your way to creating a killer reason for them to continue using your product or service (think Gary Vaynerchuk and Wine Library).

Net new revenue is as it sounds – the product or service that you are building is driving new revenue to you or the organizations that benefit from its use. No coupons, no discounts to get customers, no, no, no. Success means new revenue is found. Revenue that wasn’t there before. Revenue that wouldn’t exist without what you are offering.

Combine these two trends – niche + NNR (net new revenue) and you are providing something of value and building a loyal and growing audience. THAT is what Beergram is doing and that is what I discuss with Andrea Sanchez, the founder, in this episode.


Here is a quick reference of what we covered in the show. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. Path to entrepreneurship: Andrea Sanchez 1:40
2. Where did the idea for Beergram come from? 3:50
3. What is Beergram? 8:00
4. Why build this service? 13:20
5. How do you make money? 15:30
6. How do you scale this service 18:35
7. What is the minimum number of bars for you to move into a city? 22:30
8. To charge a monthly fee or not – the reasons for charging 23:50
9. How do you fund your growth to key cities? 27:20
10. The RDIO discovery analogy with beer 31:50
11. What was the development cycle for Beergram from idea to product? 34:15
12. What would you do/not do again? 36:20
13. Lessons learned from launching at SXSW: people don’t want free beer 40:00
14. Why features are the enemy sometimes 41:00
15. The key is not getting emotionally tied to features 43:15
16. Future features that will make an impact on the bar’s revenue 43:40
17. Building the “artisanal” platform 45:00

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About Andrea Sanchez
Andrea SanchezStartup life building BeerGram, a social gifting mobile application currently for iPhone to enhance the social networking experience by allowing small but meaningful tangible exchanges. Lean startup focus, burning any and all resources and magician at creating them where none existed.

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