Episode #444: How to succeed using location based marketing – with Ping Mobile’s Shuli Lowy

Episode #444

Location based marketing holds a promise – a long sought-after promise of the one-to-one relationship with customers – but is the world ready for it?

Location based marketing is in its infancy really – not yet out of kindergarten but already a protogé – and definitely at an inflection point for the future of the industry. On one hand, it could spend the next number of years flourishing because it did not believe its own headlines and stayed true to the cause. On the other it could spend the next number of years trying to rebuild its reputation due to rampant industry abuse. Today, the only thing differentiating the two is what the marketing world does – and more importantly – doesn’t do.

What are some of the best practices out there? How are companies building location into their marketing initiatives and succeeding. What is the impact of doing it right and what harm can it do to brands that do it wrong.

Answering these questions – and a ton more – is Shuli Lowy, Marketing Director at Ping Mobile. She offers up a number of very specific tactics and tips as well as pitfalls to avoid as companies contemplate and embark on location based marketing initiatives.



Here is a quick reference of what we covered in the show. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. About Ping Mobile 1:20
2. What is the status of mobile marketing 4:00
3. What is the risk of mobile marketing gone bad 6:45
4. How can text messages harm a brand? 10:00
5. In what context is location important in mobile marketing? 11:20
6. Is location leading or is the business case leading 14:13
7. What are the 3 channels to location based marketing 16:08
8. What companies are doing location based marketing properly? 21:45
9. What are the challenges of building apps for LBS 27:15
10. Using SMS for location based marketing 29:20
11. Tactic: SMS segmentation strategy 31:05
12. Tactic: Get users to opt-in and don’t abuse it 33:25
13. Tactic: Be aware of “creepy” targeting 35:00
14. The KLM location based experiment 36:12
15. When NOT to use hyper-local marketing 38:00
16. 3 best practices for mobile messaging 39:35
17. The process from introduction to close through location 45:00
18. Resources for learning about location based marketing 47:50

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About Shuli Lowy
Shuli Lowy Ping MobileShuli Lowy is a marketing director at Ping Mobile and consults Fortune 500 companies on their mobile marketing activities on a daily basis. She has been working in the mobile marketing sector for many years and has personally launched hundreds of campaigns. Her expertise has been featured in Mobile Marketer’s Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising, Mobile Outlook Guide, and Classic Guide to Mobile Commerce among other publications and blogs. She was a featured speaker at this year’s GSMI Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit and her expertise is quoted almost weekly in the Mobile Marketer as well as MMA Smartbrief. Shuli is known for her pragmatic analysis of mobile marketing options and her focus on creating a positive and effective user experience.

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