Episode #439: How photo book app Mosaic is ringing in the digital slow goods era – with Caleb Elston

Episode #439

What happens when a team is acquired and moved into a new company and started on to a new product while keeping the team intact? This is exactly what happened when Mixbook acquired Caleb Elston and the entire Yobongo team to come over and innovate to help them move into the mobile world.

This is a great glimpse into the first 365 days after acquisition – really where metal is tested – as the Yobongo team brainstorms, designs and develops a mobile product where many have tried and given up. The product is Mosaic, a photo book app, where the mechanism is the smartphone and the outcome is a digital/terrestrial package that brings craftsmanship and playfulness together into one very unique experience.

What we witness while listening to Caleb is the start of the digital slow goods era – products that seem handcrafted that emanate from the bytesphere and find new revenue sources for the companies that get it.

Caleb gets it, so will you after watching this episode.

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Here is a quick reference of what we covered in the show. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. Why did Mixbook buy Yobongo? 2:00
2. What was the appeal for your team to go to Mixbook? 5:50
3. Why photo books? 7:08
4. What was the deal / negotiation process like for you 8:40
5. The digital to physical transition gap that mobile fills with Mosaic 11:00
6. What is the problem Mosaic solves 13:30
7. How did Mosaic simplify the traditional challenges of building a photo book in a mobile environment 15:00
8. How did you tie the print and digital worlds together into one experience? 18:30
9. Why it is essential to have a base mobile experience that enables your services (or be usurped by an upstart) 23:00
10. The rise of the next generation of mobile applications that create new demand and new revenue 24:30
11. The challenge of creating a physical good 28:00

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Caleb Elston MosaicWorking on @heymosaic. Co-founder & CEO of Yobongo. Dubious of people who claim to be experts. Formerly VP Products at Justin.tv. Advisor to Simpler.

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