Why publishers need to move quickly in mobile and how they can start earning revenue – with Pressly CEO Jeff Brenner (Part 3)

The print industry is in a transition period. While some look at what is happening as the end of the newspaper, others are more optimistic and sense a greater opportunity as newspapers and media around the globe re-invent themselves in the digital and mobile worlds.

Enter Pressly, a Toronto, Canada based company co-founded by Jeff Brenner. They are taking an HTML5-first approach to helping move some of these bastions of news bearing into the mobile and tablet world. Pressly has worked with news giants from around the world to move their products onto the tablet and is a Techcrunch Disrupt finalist.

In this segment, Jeff explains how Pressly helps publishers transition into the mobile world, how they help publishers make money, the different business models they facilitate, how Pressly generates revenue, what the impact of their upcoming self publishing application will have in the industry and what the importance of location-based content will have.

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About Jeff Brenner
Jeff Brenner PresslyCEO of Pressly. Graduated from the Software Engineering and Management program at McMaster University and has 7 years of software development experience. Started Nulayer in 2007 with co-founder Peter Kieltyka, a company which has built several popular web and iOS apps, including Crowdreel.com and TheScore for iPhone app (named by Apple as one of the apps of the year in 2011).

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