Where’s the Money? Episode #6: what comes after SXSW for Highlight?

Welcome to our NEW newest show: “Where’s The Money?”. It is here we try to decipher the way some of the more popular mobile applications and services will generate cold hard cash. The industry is full of promise but only a handful of companies will crack the buck. “Where’s The Money?” is where we put them to the test.

This week’s WTM? is quite daring, looking at new social serendipity app Highlight just one week after its worldwide launch, and days before it (supposedly) becomes the most talked about app amongst the technorati in Austin for SXSW. We also demo’d a new ‘live-editing’ tool on the back-end for the podcast, leading to some bandwidth choppiness at the start, but fancy transitions and titles throughout (let us know if you like it!).

Highlight’s nascence (and the fact that no one is using it yet) made for difficulties in understand just what type of path the app is on towards revenue, but Rob and I walked through possible outcomes following a strong SXSW showing. We also put Highlight into context with potential competitors Banjo and Sonar, and discuss the purpose of these apps in general.

Question of the week: what experience do you want from your location-based social discovery apps, and are brands involved at all?

Episode #6

Recorded: March 7, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Douglas Soltys

About the author

Douglas Soltys

Douglas is the former Editor-In-Chief of Inside BlackBerry, BlackBerry Cool, and QuicklyBored, which he launched as a mobile gaming industry site. His knowledge of mobile and social media led him to a job at RIM (BlackBerry), where he got to travel the world and do lots of cool things. He is often left-handed, but rarely sinister.

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