Where’s The Money? #14 – iOS 6 The Disruptor

Welcome to our NEW newest show: “Where’s The Money?”. It is here we try to decipher the way some of the more popular mobile applications and services will generate cold hard cash. The industry is full of promise but only a handful of companies will crack the buck. “Where’s The Money?” is where we put them to the test.

The beauty of WTM is that it allows us to ask a lot of questions, and this week’s episode is stuffed with them following Apple’s unveiling of iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. Rob and I attempted to say focused on the smaller questions (“how does Google respond to Apple’s maps service?”, “which apps are in danger of having Siri drink their milkshake as we move from ‘search’ to ‘find’?”) but eventually we explode into full on future speculation (“is the mobile land grab over?”, “is Apple to big too fail?”, “can Apple stave off disruption by continuing to disrupt?”). This may smack to some of Apple fanboyism, but to the haters I pose another question: what app/product/service could be so compelling as to loosen Apple’s grip on the industry? Apple is the gatekeeper of consumer tech, and we all live in their beautiful crystal prisons. Kneel before Zod!

Episode #14

Recorded: June 13, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Douglas Soltys

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Douglas Soltys

Douglas is the former Editor-In-Chief of Inside BlackBerry, BlackBerry Cool, and QuicklyBored, which he launched as a mobile gaming industry site. His knowledge of mobile and social media led him to a job at RIM (BlackBerry), where he got to travel the world and do lots of cool things. He is often left-handed, but rarely sinister.

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