#Utalks Clips: The Coming Mobile Eruption

The above clip from Rob’s UNTETHER.talks kickoff speech is the first of many that will appear on the blog in the coming weeks. We had an unbelievable series of keynotes at #Utalks, and we’re extremely excited to share snippets with those unable to attend.

The clip follows closely to a post Rob had written in the run up to #Utalks about his experience climbing the dormant Mt. Rinjani volcano in Indonesia. It’s well worth reading, as volcanos seem to be the perfect metaphor for the current state of technology we inhabit. A volcano can be feared as an unmitigated destructive force, or embraced as the catalyst for ecosystem rebirth – it’s simply a matter of perspective. UNTETHER.talks was all about climbing the mountain to gain the perspective of the volcano: to see what will be destroyed and what will be reborn. As Rob says in the clip, the coming mobile eruption means that “companies you never think could fail, will fail. Companies you’ve never heard of will succeed.”

If you didn’t climb the mountain with us in June, considers these clips a really great travel log.

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