UNTETHER.talks Clip: Banjo CEO Damien Patton on different types of mobile advertising

When was the last time you actually meant to tap an advertisement in an app or mobile website? Mobile advertising, for all the riches it is generating today, is NOT the culmination of years of chip, battery, connectivity and software development that has gone into building the mobile and pervasive computing era. Mobile advertising, as we know it today, is a transient effort with diminishing returns and, in the case of mobile, is the lazy, not-mobile-first approach that will generate the results deserved.

We are all suffering from what Damien Patton, CEO of Banjo, calls Google ad blindness. Those little ads that pop up on our devices that we ignore, that someone is paying for to drive business activity, have become part of the scenery. So what are some options when it comes to effectively reaching an audience through mobile? In this short clip from Damien’s keynote at UNTETHER.talks he highlights one key thing that differentiates this platform from all others – it can help brands/companies/businesses to create an emotional connection with the consumer.

For the rest of this presentation – plus an incredible panel featuring Damien, Janice Diner (Horizon Studios), Robert Balahura (B’Giftee) and Douglas Soltys – head to the digital version of UNTETHER.talks here.

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