This Week in Location Based Marketing #88: JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson is a retail rebel


Welcome to episode #88 of This Week in Location Based Marketing. On today’s episode: Will you buy toothpaste from a mobile ad? JCPenney’s bold cash register bet. Forget gum balls, give me apps with Razorfish and is Square worth 3.5B? All this and our usual funding and M&A activity, our resource of the week and special guest, Rob and Asif (plus Dave Fleet of Edelman and John McCauley from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment)?

Episode 88

Recorded: July 29, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Show highlights:
1. Proctor & Gamble tries to sell toothpaste and drive trafic to WalMart via mobile ad (6:30)
2. launches Brandcaster Retail (10:30)
3. Moasis launches GeoGrid – the “World spanning geocentral grid” (13:20)
4. JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson says they will be 100% mobile checkout by 2013 (19:18)
5. Agency Razorfish demonstrates NFC enabled vending machine for mobile digital goods (24:05)

Featured Guest
UNTETHER.talks panel clip: Is location based marketing about customer acquisition or enhancing the customer relationship?
With Asif Khan, Dave Fleet (Edelman), John McCauley (Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment). Moderated by Rob Woodbridge (30:00)

Funding / M&A News
1. Blockbuster acquires Alpha Bay (37:00)
2. TaskRabbit raised $13M (39:30)
3. Square valued at $3.5B after alleged $200M investment (41:22)

Resource of the Week
Tracking Spouses & Family (49:00)

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