The Future of Retail Requires Serendipitous Marketing – with Doug Stephens

Doug Stephens’ The Destination is You keynote was one of the most talked about presentations coming out of day one at UNTETHER.talks, and the video above makes it easy to see why – he can make subjects like purchasing diapers compelling.

In the video interview with rob above, Doug speaks to how retail disruption is creating a requirement for serendipitous marketing: presenting content to the consumer that is contextually relavent, through whatever technology and platform is most sensible. Crucially, this marketing has to be paired with the opportunity for immediate transaction follow-through; nothing is worse than receive a mobile advertisement that then doesn’t let you purchase the product (let’s say diapers, for example) from your mobile.

Post a comment and let us know what type of retail experience you desire from your mobile device.

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Douglas is the former Editor-In-Chief of Inside BlackBerry, BlackBerry Cool, and QuicklyBored, which he launched as a mobile gaming industry site. His knowledge of mobile and social media led him to a job at RIM (BlackBerry), where he got to travel the world and do lots of cool things. He is often left-handed, but rarely sinister.

  • This actually drove home for me how important Amazon will become to mobile advertising and mobile commerce. Same-day shipping allows purchase of context-triggered product promotions even when there are no in-person purchase opportunities.

  • bzifkin

    Rob, we definitely agree with Doug. So much so that we built an entire company on giving brands the ability to tell rich product stories, tailored to the individual consumer, regardless of the platform or channel.

    Doug is very much aligned with our vision of the future of retail. There is a transformation going on right now that flips the traditional paradigm of retail on its head. Our goal is to be the underlying data that powers this change. You can check us out at if you want to learn more about how we think things will play out…

  • That is really cool! Portable product meta data layered with context and intent! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • If Amazon can do ubiquitous same day shipping it would be a tough act to follow that’s for sure. Even if they can’t just yet, the idea that every single thing could become a “buy trigger” is enough to make my head spin!

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