The future of mHealth Lives Outside the Hospital

Understanding that the health care industry is going through a technological upheaval is, in simple terms, missing the fundamental shift in the way we care and are cared for. The incredible advances in medical science is seen everywhere inside the hospitals today. But what about when the patient steps out of the hospital or in the instances where the patient has never set foot in a hospital. How does mobile technology play a role here?

There are two sides to the medical challenge – diagnosis and treatment and administration and delegation. Mobile enables the outer ring of both sides of these challenges allowing doctors to focus on the things they should be focusing on (and we WANT them focusing on) – helping to heal patients.

Terry Edwards, CEO of PerfectServe, outlines a few of the great leaps happening and even more that will happen in our lifetime as health care practitioners start to embrace the new way of working that mobile brings with it.

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