Sh*t you can do with mobile – with whurley of Chaotic Moon Labs

For those of you who haven’t heard of whurley you are in for a treat. whurley is the GM at Chaotic Moon Labs – inventors of the Board of Awesomeness, the Board of Imagination and the Smarter Cart – and a mind like we’ve never seen before. This presentation captivated the entire audience at UNTETHER.talks because of two things: First, his style and second, the content. His approach to audience participation is inspiring and the way he frames the questions he receives right into the guts of what he presents is genius.

The presentation is about his perspectives on the mobile industry – trends, tragic outcomes and a vision forward – with a hint of his view on innovation and a glimpse of his position on the future of mobile (“it is dead”). whurley was the highlight of the conference.


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About whurley
whurley chaotic moon labs

If you’ve heard of open source, open innovation, and augmented reality, then you’ve already met our Evil Genius. Whurley has earned rights to prestigious accolades such as the IBM Master Inventor, IBM Pervasive Computing, Apple Design and LinuxWorld Magazine’s Top Leader in Open Source Business awards by inventing today’s leading technology standards in excellence.

With 11 patents (and counting) and as co-founder of iPhoneDevCamp, iPadDevCamp, iOSDevCamp and BarCampAustin, whurley should probably be General Manager of the world.

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