PlaceIQ: How location, time of day, the weather and our mood add context to what and where we buy – with co-founder Duncan McCall

Location is only one of the many contributors that makes up context in the mobile world. When you free up the computing power that we now have in most mobile devices from the confines of the home or office the possibilities are endless. What do you measure and track to help a consumer or future customer make a decision. How much information do you gather before coming to an inferred result that hits home. How does the physical location mix with the economic realities and the weather forecast to impact pricing and a consumer’s inclination to purchase?

This is where PlaceIQ comes in to the mix to help companies attract consumers based on multiple variables – all through a mobile device. Co-founder and CEO Duncan McCall shines a light on how this industry is being formed, how companies can start benefiting from all this information that is gathered and how this will impact the price we all pay for product and services.


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About Duncan McCall
Duncan McCallDuncan McCall is the CEO and Co-Founder of PlaceIQ. PlaceIQ is turning ‘location into context’. Extracting intelligence and meaning from the ever increasing mass of location specific data being created, enabling an understanding of a hyper local location like never before. Empowering advertisers, marketers and more to connect the right message with the right location, at the right time…

Duncan has a passion and background in geo focused startups spanning many years. From time spent in RFID and universal positioning startups, through to founding and leading a venture backed consumer Internet business with the goal of enabling and empowering users of location aware devices.Duncan’s experience in early stage businesses goes beyond this market, having lead the operational and system build of a successful retail organization, growing it to a multi location, multi state enterprise. He also built and led IS Solutions INC, a premier Silicon Valley based System Integrator. Outside of the startup environment Duncan has also made an impact for one of the world’s largest organizations in working for ExxonMobil, in the UK and Asia.

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