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  • The first takeaway, talk about your idea, really resonates with me.

    1) Your idea isn’t unique. If it is totally unique, and you’re the only person who has ever done this, that’s probably more of a reason for concern than optimism.

    2) Your idea isn’t perfect. It needs tweaking and smart people will help guide you.

    3) I don’t care enough to steal your idea. We’re all very busy and the last thing someone listening to your idea wants to do is drop everything they’re doing and become your competition.

    4) It’s good for the community. Everyone benefits from a free market of ideas.

    5) If all you have is an idea, and you’re asking someone to sign an NDA, you’re misinformed as to how much time, money and sweat it takes to get to market.

  • Well said Kyle – especially #5. Peter talked to everyone he could about this business and it helped shape his vision. Without doing that, by holding it close to his chest and not talking about it, he may have gone down a path that would have put him out of business.

    Thanks for this!

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